Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why you should join Mantality, a South African men shop's affiliate program

Back in February 2009 (roughly a month after I started messing around with online affiliate awards programs) I discovered Mantality, an online shop for men, chockablock with gadgets, gifts and lifestyle products.

After only 3 sales I was standing on just over R200, including the R30 they gave me for just signing up with them. I was quiet for a month or so and I had to wait for the sales commission to get above the payout threshold of R470.

In April I was sent a shaving balm by post with the understanding that I write a short summary of the product. I wrote my little report, posted it on one of my websites and more or less 2 weeks after that, I had more sales, all of a sudden pushing my commission over R1400. Becasue of that my commission level also went up. Just over R1500 was promptly paid into my ABSA account.

So, after getting paid, I am just over R200 again and the cycle continues. Here is s screenshot from all my earnings to date (Feb 2000 - June 2009)

Mantality is now my second biggest earner next to Kalahari

Something you could start implementing straight away once you have joined Mantality's affiliate program is their free online men's magazine. It actually has useful information plus it is free.

I would suggest that you get in there as quick as you can. A lot of you guys have already missed out on AdGator, as they don't take any new bloggers on board for now (there is a waiting list). Another example is the online casino affiliate programs. If you did not join them two years ago, there is almost no need to join them now - but more about this at a later stage.

Mantality does not have that many bloggers signed up with them yet. Join now and get a big slice of the pie before too many people discover this and leave crumbs for the rest.

O, and as a last point - Mantality does not sell crap. Take some time and browse through their site. I am sure you will find someting that will interest you.

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