Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New lucrative affiliate program hits South Africa

Ok, here is the information on the company itself. If you want to start earning easy money, I suggest you sign up for their affiliate program over here

You can earn R15 per GPS voice pack purchased and downloaded. I signed up last week and selling a minimum of 3 per day. That is R1350 per month! I will of course post my first earnings here as well. Go ahead, go make some bucks. Check out the rest of their products as well to get a feel for what you would like to promote. There is something for everyone...

About GPS Creative

Company Profile

GPS Creative is a company driven by fun and creativity. We are situated in Bloemfontein in the Free State, right in the heart of South Africa. The company was established in August 2008 and our first local product was launched in March 2009.

Our Inspiration

"I must create a system or be enslaved by another man's. I will not reason and business is to create." - William Blake – Artist

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide creative solutions for our clients within the GPS industry. We strive to be unique and to become a household brand name. We work with the only best individuals and partners to make GPS Creative an attractive corporation, which attracts vast investment both nationally and internationally.

Corporate Voice-overs for companies

GPS Creative offers companies the opportunity to record a custom voice file to load for their fleet or company representatives. For whatever reason you want to record your own voice for your company, GPS Creative offers you the perfect solution. We cater for everything from providing the software solution, recording, editing and advising on phrases for your voice. To receive a detailed quote to get a corporate voice-over for your company, contact us today.

GPS Creative in the media

GPS Creative has enjoyed coverage in the local daily and Sunday newspapers and more recently made their first appearance on television on KykNet and Ontbytsake, featuring Dowwe Dolla! We are constantly making news with new celebs and initiatives so be on the look-out for our next feature!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My SA affiliate marketing earnings for 2009.

As promised, here are my affiliate marketing earnings for 2009, the first year that I started playing around with affiliate marketing:


R 7153.99

Traffic Synergy:

R 974.88

R 9919.02

R 5233.73

R 248.09

Grand total for the year:

That gives me a monthly average of R 1960.81 per month. I was hoping for a R1500 per month average at the beginning of 2009 and halfway through 2009 I upped my expectations to R1800 per month by the end of 2009. I have achieved and somewhat surpassed this goal.

Is that worthy as a 13th salary? I should think so. What did I spend the money on?

* I bought a digital camera of R4500
* I bought a video camera of R4000
* Paid R13000 extra into my bond which probably means a whole lot more money in terms of what I save in interest over the 20 year period.

What is in store for 2010?

I am not going to up my expectations too much in terms of earnings that much more for 2010.I will try another couple of extra programs this year which I will tell you about as I pick them up. For January and February I don't expect much, as people are still suffering their December holiday financial hangovers. So let's say no more than R1000 for each month.

For now I would expect an average income of R1900 per month for the first 6 months (using the 2009 overall average as a new baseline).Ideally by then end of 2010 i would like to have an overall average of R2500 per month, resulting in a total payment of R30000. All this extra money, I would like to put towards my bond, instead of buying luxury items.

As you can see, I am down to 4 programs. Throughout 2009 I experimented with a couple of more programs that I dropped along the way. I might drop TrafficSynergy soon if it doesn't pick up and when I do so, explain my reasoning behind it.

Also, I have already added 2 new programs already in 2010, but will wait for my first earnings report before announcing their success. Also, I want to see if and how payment of the earnings work before suggesting it to other people that would like to try it out.

Talk soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't use Google AdSense in South Africa

As stated in previous posts, I had Google AdSense clocking up some Rands and Cents in the background, not paying much attention to it. I even received the little postcard with my confirmation code which one receives after a couple of months.

Without any real in-depth explanation, my AdSense account was suspended just before I reached my payment threshold of R1000. they basically said they discovered irregularities that pose a risk to their clients advertising. Now, with irregularities I would presume they mean click fraud which, with making between R1.50 and R4 per day with AdSense seemed highly unlikely.

This is particularly annoying, as I put up with their ads on my websites for over 9 months. I didn't particularly like their ads, but thought I would have gotten rid of it as soon I received my first payment. I contacted them to explain themselves and they basically gave me the same answer.

This has happened before, as I had an AdSense account that was not that active, as I only really started experimenting with affiliate advertising in January this year. I had made a couple of Rands and the AdSense account became inactive. Together with the new account that was closed, I probably lost on on R1000.

Who knows how many people's accounts are closed daily before they reach payment threshold? AdSense is not really worth the hassle. Programs like TrafficSynergy and AdDynamo also run locally and pay almost at the same ratio. The difference is that their payment thresholds are lower, so you get paid more frequent - thus problems would be pointed out earlier, should they arise, and probably with a proper explanation.

I will probably update some more payment figures and screen shots soon. A new affiliate was added in the place of AdSense - AdDynamo. More on that later.

Go delete your AdSense account. It's not worth it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

PC Mall - Not such a great South African affiliate program

The PC Mall affiliate program seems to be not working at all and its freaking me out a bit. With 213477 impressions since January I generated 423 clicks through to their site and there was not one single sale. Over 200k impressions is really a shitload of traffic. I really don't get it. They have brilliant banners and their website seems user friendly and secure enough to use. Not one single sale of computer gadgetty things. What is even weirder is that some of my sales through were PC-related sales. Stuff like LCD screens and flash disks! Kalahari is consistently making me more than R500 per month.

I will just leave the PC Mall banners until the end of the year and maybe I will get one lucky sale. After that I will take it down and make space for something else. Even Google AdSense at around R3 - R4 per day will eventually see me getting my R1000 payment around the end of the year. Out of all the affiliate programs I am trying out, PC Mall is really doing the worst. I even mad R12 on Silver Sands Casino - on which I am pulling the plug totally. Its just not worth it...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Linking to this blog

Someone e-mailed me and asked to link to this blog. Could that person please e-mail me again? I deleted the e-mail by accident.

Of course we can exchange links. Just leave a comment in the comments section and I will get your details.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My first six months of affiliate marketing earnings

Right, it's that time of the year where I do my second assessment and have a look at how the second quarter compares to how I did in my first quarter (Jan 2009 - March 2009). It will also be interesting to see how I did, compared to the expectations I laid out for myself in the beginning of the year.

I short, I was on an earning average of R950 for the first three months and was hoping to increase my earnings to an average of R1500 for the next three months. Did I manage to get it right?

Lets have a look at my totals for Jan 1 to June 30. I have included screenshots as proof at the end as well.

Google AdSense
Total: R1563.50

Traffic Synergy:


R 3492.30

Rhythm Records:

All these give me a total R7929.28 earned for the first 6 months. That gives me an average R1321.55 per month for the first 6 months. This is on average R178.45 per month short of the goal I set for myself to earn an average of R1500 per month three months ago, but we have to keep in mind that I joined Mantality at the end of January and Rhythm records towards the end of April.

I stated from the beginning that I believe that it's possible for the average South African blogger to earn between R1000 and R1500 per month on the internet and here is your proof.

I reckon I would be able to get my earnings up to an average of R1700 per month within the next three months and hopefully up to an average of R1900 per month by the end of the year. Let's revisit the figures then and see how close I managed to get.

In the meantime, keep popping in over here as I try out new programs, drop others and try new things on the internet. I have a cool idea to make some extra cash on the web that I am working on. Not wheelbarrows full of cash. Maybe an extra R300 to R500 per month which requires some work in the beginning and virtually no maintenance thereafter. All the small amounts add up in the end. If I didn't start playing around with affiliate earnings, I wouldn't have had the extra R8000 that I earned from January to June. Double it up to get an estimated year-end total of R16000, without taking growth into consideration. It is starting to look more and more like a 13th cheque to me, so keep visiting this blog to track my progress and share my thoughts.

Some screenshots of some of my money earners:

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

Some interesting trivia:

  • # Billie Jean was the first video by a black artist to air on MTV.
  • # Jackson’s waxwork features in five Madame Tussauds museums across the world. Only Elvis Presley and Madonna have more Tussaud figures. They each have six.
  • # Jackson’s total lifetime earnings from royalties, solo recordings and music videos, revenue from concerts and endorsements have been estimated at $500 million.
  • # Jackson received a Presidential Humanitarian Award from Ronald Reagan in 1984 for his support of charities helping people overcome alcohol and drug abuse.
  • # Jackson fought fellow 50 year old Madonna on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch. He lost.
  • # MC Hammer once challenged Jackson to a dance-off. He was told to Beat It. Jackson reportedly responded, “I’ve seen your videos and every single dance move you use, you got off of me.”
  • # An obsessed French Jackson superfan committed suicide in 1984 after his mother refused to allow him to undergo surgery to look like the star.
  • # In 1984, a U.S. library accused Jackson of owing it over $1 million in overdue book fines. Officials said they would scrap the fines if he returned the books autographed.
  • # Jackson is was a vegetarian.
  • # Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Jackson 5 on May 6, 1997. He was inducted as a solo artist on March 19, 2001.
  • # Jackson’s music video for Thriller was voted the greatest music video of all time in a recent Channel 4 (UK) poll.
  • # Jackson’s double album HIStory is the biggest selling double album ever released in the U.S.
  • # Jackson’s Blood on the Dance Floor is the biggest selling re-mix album of all time.
  • # Movie star Macauley Culkin is godfather to Jackson’s two eldest children, Paris and Prince Michael.
  • # Jackson shares the record for the most Grammy Awards won in one year with Carlos Santana and Norah Jones - they each won eight
  • # Jackson’s performance during the 1993 SuperBowl half-time show drew the largest TV audience in American history.
  • # Jackson provided a voiceover on The Simpsons - but it remained a secret for 12 years. He voiced a character in a mental institution in the Stark Raving Dad episode, which aired in 1991, but, because of a contractual problem, Jackson had to be credited as John Jay Smith. His contribution to the classic cartoon series remained a rumour among fans until The Simpsons creator Matt Groening confirmed it really was Jackson when the episode was released on DVD in 2003.