Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Mantality of it

You were expecting the riveting AdSense story, weren't you? The long and short of it is that I am on $8, so it will have to roll over to the next post when I am on $15. Also, someone at work asked me to explain AdSense to him (probably because he is too lazy to read up on in). OK, I will explain AdSense to those lazy okes next time. Just not today. Being a smoker and drinker, $8 doesn't sound like much, especially after Trevor's budget speech today.

So you might have noticed another little square banner I added at the top for Mantality. They give you R30 just for signing up and pay out once you've reached R300 worth of sales commission. I thought mmmkay, I'd give it a month and then can it, but it is actually starting to pay off. And now I might decide to can the Loot banners in stead, as I am on R0, but I'd give it another couple of weeks and then give you my honest opinion of why it worked or did not work. Obviously, if it starts generating a couple of cents in the next 2 weeks or so, I will give strangle it a bit slower. Then can it.

Mantality is an online South African shop that sells products and gadgets that appeal to men. Products that I am interested for instance, is a waterproof wireless Ipod speaker. That's right, you gooi it your pool. It floats. You drink beer. You listen to your tunes. Another nifty product is a flint-like lighter that can start your braai even in the Amazon while its pissing down with rain, snakes and flu virusses. I actually saw it on some survival program on Discovery the other night before seeing it on the Mantality website. I am definitely interested in these two products but won't buy it for now. I will buy it from Mantality with the money they give me for selling (in my sleep) the same kak that I want. So far I am not doing too kak for three sales:

Doing some quick maths in my head, I am probably standing on around R2500 for the month for money made on the interwebs, but I'd rather give you a proper breakdown at the end of Feb with a start and finish date for all programs, so take it with a lump of salt.

In a totally unrelated event, a friend and I received our first AdSense cheque of just over R1000. We decided to buy beer with all the money. After all, we waited a whole fucking year to reach $100. See, its not that easy...

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