Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Google PSA's (public service ads) showing on webpage in stead of normal ads

For those of you who dabble in Google's AdSense program and discovered that your Google ads all of a sudden started displaying PSA's (public service ads), here are some tips and general pointers from personal experience:

* Google only requests your banking details for your profile once you have reached the $10 mark
* You are then required to enter a PIN number that Google will send to you by snail mail for reasons only know to Google. This PIN number will be valid for 6 weeks or so.
* If you have not received this pin (like in my case - thank you very much SA Postal Services), you can request it to mailed to you again. The pin can be requested twice, after which you will have to contact Google if you have not received it.
* There is no mystery as how to contact Google Ad-Sense support. Simply e-mail them at adsense-support@google.com with your AdSense code in as the subject. You will get an auto responder telling you how to fix the problem. Simply reply to this e-mail (and remember to replace the to address with adsense-support@google.com again) and tell them that their help-page does not help with your problem, although you have tried all their suggestions.
* In my case, my websites started showing PSA's because I have not updated my pin yet (becasue I have not received it). Google support responded to my e-mail and re-instated my normal AdSense with another 3 months, while I wait for my PIN to arrive in the post.

Example of Google's PSA:

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