Sunday, January 10, 2010

My SA affiliate marketing earnings for 2009.

As promised, here are my affiliate marketing earnings for 2009, the first year that I started playing around with affiliate marketing:


R 7153.99

Traffic Synergy:

R 974.88

R 9919.02

R 5233.73

R 248.09

Grand total for the year:

That gives me a monthly average of R 1960.81 per month. I was hoping for a R1500 per month average at the beginning of 2009 and halfway through 2009 I upped my expectations to R1800 per month by the end of 2009. I have achieved and somewhat surpassed this goal.

Is that worthy as a 13th salary? I should think so. What did I spend the money on?

* I bought a digital camera of R4500
* I bought a video camera of R4000
* Paid R13000 extra into my bond which probably means a whole lot more money in terms of what I save in interest over the 20 year period.

What is in store for 2010?

I am not going to up my expectations too much in terms of earnings that much more for 2010.I will try another couple of extra programs this year which I will tell you about as I pick them up. For January and February I don't expect much, as people are still suffering their December holiday financial hangovers. So let's say no more than R1000 for each month.

For now I would expect an average income of R1900 per month for the first 6 months (using the 2009 overall average as a new baseline).Ideally by then end of 2010 i would like to have an overall average of R2500 per month, resulting in a total payment of R30000. All this extra money, I would like to put towards my bond, instead of buying luxury items.

As you can see, I am down to 4 programs. Throughout 2009 I experimented with a couple of more programs that I dropped along the way. I might drop TrafficSynergy soon if it doesn't pick up and when I do so, explain my reasoning behind it.

Also, I have already added 2 new programs already in 2010, but will wait for my first earnings report before announcing their success. Also, I want to see if and how payment of the earnings work before suggesting it to other people that would like to try it out.

Talk soon.


Kaz said...

You should try, the #1 affiliate network in Africa.

R5k a month is easy, especially when you run lead campaigns!

griffin said...

I doubt that they are #1 in Africa, and I doubt that you will get R5k per month. How many visits per month do you need to generate that kind of revenue?