Tuesday, March 31, 2009

See it as a 13th cheque?

Let's have a look at earnings that I recevied for the first quarter of 2009.

First a breakdown of all the programs I am experimenting with (the ones that paid):

Kalahari earnings (total from 1 January until current)
A total of R1888.66

AdGator (January to End Feb earnings)
January 2009 Earnings Earnings R206.31
February 2009 Earnings Earnings R104.22
March 2009 Earnings R180.26
A total of R490.79

AdSense (January until current)
More or less a total of R200 (if you work on the current total of almost $25 and work on today's Rand / Dollar exchange rate)

Mantality (I've only been trying it out for little over 1 month, but let's pretend I joined in January):
A total of R370.

Traffic Synergy:
Just over R100.

AdSense only pays out once a threshold of $100 is reached, so I assume that I will reach it by the end of the year at least.

Traffic Synergy pays out once R250 is reached, so I assume it will at least happen twice a year.

If I add everything up for the first quarter I get a grand total of R2849.45 or an average of R950 per month. If you conservatively pretend that its a total for 6 months you can have a projected total of at least R5700 earnings for the year.

Mulitply R2850 by 4 and you get an annual total of R11400 - presuming you stay on your averages.

Can you regard this as an average 13th cheque? That depends on your definition of a 13th cheque and for someone who earns an entry level to average salary, this might as well seem like a 13th cheque. Remember that this assumed amount of R11400 is accumulated over a year and received in small payments, so it virtually does not get taxed.

If you had to add tax of let's say 25% in a normal working scenario, you are looking at a "13th checque" of around R14250. Now it looks more like an entry level to average salary amount, doesn't it?

Not bad for hardly doing anything, right?

I am planning on opening a separate savings account to pay these small amounts into and see where I end up, come December.

Hopefully I will have enough cash to help towards a small holiday in Cape Town or something.

From this first quarter "report", you can see that I am close to one of my first statements I made around 3 months ago on this blog - that it is possible to make a little cash on the internet, but not to get all starry eyed and carried away. If I remember correctly, I think I mentioned that between R1000 and R1500 per month is possible. Well, I am standing on an average of R950 per month, so I am close enough to my own predictions. I would like to get the average up to R1500 per month in the next three months.

How is your moneymaking on the internet doing?

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