Thursday, March 16, 2006

Optimising your website is just a few clicks away...

I have gathered more than enough info on webpage optimisation for better ranking results, which I will share with everyone for FREE. The task ahead now is to take all the info I have and try and organise it into some stucture so all the blog postings make sense and the theme doesn't get lost somewhere in the woodworks.

Hopefully I'll have everything ready by the end of next weekend and start posting. Once I've posted evrything, I will probably create a proper website to more clearly explain my examples, but for now, this blog will have to do.

I basically go by trial and error and try out everything I come across. The main reason this page was created, was because I got frustrated looking for information on the topic. Everybody seems to advertise this information for free, but three clicks later, they need your credit card number. How free is that?

Another reason for posting this on a blog first, is because I have numerous websites (totally unrelated to this topic - you have no idea!) and I am using these techniques I came across to first improve and optimise my own websites. This way, I can track improvements and results to give the readers of this blog an idea of what works and what doesn't.

By no means am I a professional as I am learning as I go along, but I will try my best to answer any questions or try out suggestions.

Bookmark this page and check back every now and again if you are a beginner and you plan to increase traffic to your website without paying a cent or compromising personal information by submitting to so-called free services.

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